Helvellyn Snow Walk, with Photos, via Grisedale Tarn, Lake District Walks

Helvellyn Snow Walk with Photos. Helvellyn Route via Grisedale Tarn – Dollywagon Pike – Nethermost Pike. Walks in the Lake District, Winter 2011

What a walk this was! One of the best (If not most physically demanding) I've ever done in the Lake District. It was such a great walk, with amazing, awe-inspiring views that I decided to document it more than usual, and with all those photos it gave me the idea to start this blog and begin documenting my walks, with pictures and map of my Helvellyn Route

Walking in the Lakes: Some highlights of the Helvellyn Walk in the Snow...

Grisedale Tarn in the snow, Helvellyn Walk, Lake District
Grisedale Tarn, en route up towards Dollywagon Pike

Well what can I say! this was the Longest (7hrs!) Coldest (bottles of water froze!) Hardest (ever tried walking in snow for 10mile?) and Best Helvellyn Walk ever! :-) To this novice snow walker it felt like I'd been to the Himalayas and back in a day